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How It Works

We secure your training funding. You decide the type of and topics for your training.


Eligible training includes in-house training activities you are already doing or outsourced training programs.

Training funds are drawn from the Employment Training Panel (ETP) and earmarked for “retraining” workers whose companies need to upgrade systems, skills and / or processes to remain competitive.

Reimbursements are paid directly to you for each and every year you are in the program.

You must apply for funding and be approved for it by the State of California. We handle all the necessary paperwork, we represent you with the EDD, and manage the process end-to-end.

We provide a complimentary evaluation to determine what funding is available for your current employee training programs.

Our services to secure your funding are provided at no financial risk, with no out of pocket costs to you. Our fees are based on a percentage of your actual reimbursement, and are contingent on you receiving funding and completing the approved training.

Internal resources, typically your Human Resources staff, will need to complete some of the training documentation paperwork to track that the training has actually been completed. This is an ongoing process needed for reimbursement, but TFS supports your processes and secures your subsidy dollars.

Paid training includes any time an employee is learning how to become more effective, efficient, and productive so they can work better, faster, smarter.

Some training is not eligible for funding including: basic orientation; legally mandated training; continuing education required for licensing; labor laws; employee relations; diversity and sexual harassment training; stress management; violence in the workplace; self improvement; and apprenticeships.

Funding Facts

Following your first Training Funding approval, additional funding approvals are available.
At least eight (8) hours of training for 100 employees or less in California; 24 hours of training if over 100 employees.
Payments are based on the company performing the approved training.
Training reimbursement is paid for up to twenty-one (21) months after your funding is approved.