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Training Funding Services

Training Funding Source® is your comprehensive Training Funding solution provider. We complete all eligibility, application approval, and implementation steps. We organize your funding project from start-up through roll-out.

We oversee all project application, development, implementation and administration, including:

  • Enrollment Data Collection
  • California State Application Development
  • Program Documentation
  • Program Systems and Procedures
  • Training Schedule
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Record Keeping
  • Training Documentation Organization
  • Manage State Analyst Review Meetings (agendas, checklists, pre-review records and documentation for monitoring meetings)
  • Program Income & Expense Statement

TFS Recent Fundings

816K: Glass Fabricator|Distributor
$619K:  Environmental|Architect 
$590K:  Nursery Farm|Landscape Grower
$342K:  Imaging|Document Mgmt
$225K:  Financial|Banking Industry
$224K:  Hospital | Healthcare        
$200K:  Freight|Customs Broker    

Our training funding evaluation is free. Call us.
We'll tell you how much you may qualify for from the State of California.

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