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Who Qualifies for Training Funding?

If you are a California employer, you may qualify for a training subsidy from the State of California Employment Development Department.  The revenue your company receives can range from $500-$1000 or more per employee per year.

Would your company benefit if your employees improved their ability to innovate, utilize new technologies, improve customer relations, and more effectively identify customer needs?

The State of California provides millions of training dollars each year to enable companies to become more competitive in regional, national or international markets companies to offset the cost of employee training. Many California businesses are unaware of this opportunity to make improvements with subsidies from the State.

Priority/Targeted Industries:

  • Crop Production
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Trade: Transportation Equipment/Supplies & Recyclable Material
  • Transportation & Warehousing: Freight Air, Rail, Deep Sea, Coastal, Pipeline, Support for Air, Rail, Water, Freight Transportation Arrangement, Packing and Crating, Couriers and Express Delivery Service, Warehousing, Storage
  • Information: Publishing (Internet, Software, Music, Newspaper, Periodical, Book). Motion Picture, Video, Record Production & Distribution, Teleproduction, Postproduction, Sound recording studio, Radio network, Cable, Subscription programming, Wired Telecommunications Carriers, Cellular, Satellite, Resellers, Data Processing, Hosting, Broadcasting & Web Search Portals
  • Professional, Scientific, Technical: Architectural, Engineering, Drafting, Surveying, Mapping, Geophysical, Non Testing Laboratories Custom Computer Programming, Computer Systems Design, Computer Facilities Management Consulting in Process, Physical Distribution, Environmental, Logistics, Scientific, Technical. Research and Development in Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
  • Remediation
  • Materials Recovery Facilities
  • Health Care and Social Assistance: Outpatient Care Centers; Family, HMO, Substance, Kidney, Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories, Home Health Care, Ambulatory, Hospital, Nursing and Residential Care Facilities


  •  Headquarters providing support to 25% or more of overall revenue, operations, offices, branches, stores, franchises or employees located outside California.
  • Hotel, Destination resort, Convention / Conference Center with 25% or more of revenue from out of California visitors.
  • Call Center with 25% or more of volume originating outside of California
  • Service companies provided the trainee earns at least the State average minimum compensation.
  • Out of State Competition
    Your company may qualify for benefits of Out-of-State competition if 25% or more of revenue is attributable to customers / clients / projects located outside California – or, if your company faces significant competition from three (3) companies located outside California, with no physical locations in California.

Last year California approved 224 new training projects, amounting to $86.1 million. These contracts approved training and employment retention for approximately 79,000 workers.

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Qualifying Training

All types of computer skills and software applications training.
Marketing, Planning, Sales, Customer Service, Merchandising, Product Knowledge, Communication, Project Management, Conflict Resolution.
Statistical Process Control, Problem-solving, Team-building, Quality, ISO 9000, JIT, Operations Workflow, Process Improvement, Decision-making, Strategic Planning.
Production Practices, Equipment Operations, Cross-training, Assembly Procedures, Warehousing, CNC Machining.
Automotive Repair, Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Telecommunications, Construction, Engineering, Architectural, Medical, Dental.
Animation, Visual 3D, Modeling Graphics, Film / Video Edit, CAD/CAM, AVID, 6 SIGMA, Networking, CNA, CNE, Computer Programming, Printed Circuit Design, Oracle Database.
Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL), Writing, Reading, Language Comprehension, Basic Math.