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Training Funding Source Expertly Prepares Your
Application to Claim Your Training Dollars

We help you take advantage of the California ETP program. We know the process inside and out.

We Have a 100% Approval Rate

With our free eligibility evaluation we thoroughly review that your company and your workforce training program will meet California State requirements. We prepare your application and represent you with the EDD’s Employment Training Panel.

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Our Fees Are Based on You Receiving Funding.

You have no direct out-of-pocket expense.

We invoice you for a percentage of the training subsidy we acquire for you from the State when you receive the funds and complete the approved training.

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We Manage Your Program End-to-End

  • TFS collects your Enrollment Data
  • You decide on the topics and kinds of training
  • We prepare your application and manage State reviews
  • You document the in-house or contracted training occurred
  • TFS manages processes, training schedules, contractor agreements
  • Training funding is paid directly to you from the State of California

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This program is funded from the Employment Training Tax paid by every California employer. 

You have peace of mind working with Training Funding Source, a certified administrator for California EDD training funding.   We prepare your application and documentation to meet all current requirements.

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TFS has captured more than $195 million for California employers.  Start getting your fair share by telling us you want an estimate of your training subsidy.

Call us at 562.735.4195 or use our website form and start the conversation.

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